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What Is The Time Commitment For Your Worship Ministry?

What Is The Time Commitment For Your Worship Ministry?

Have you ever had difficulty getting volunteers to arrive on time?  Had volunteers cancel last minute?  Had volunteers miss a rehearsal all together?  

I’m sure we can all answer yes.  However I’m willing to bet this has less to do with the quality of your volunteers and more to do with how we’ll you’ve communicated the time commitment required.  

Have you thought through everything it takes to serve on your team and clearly communicated this with your volunteers?  Have you asked them to make a commitment to the time required? 

I’ve found that people will rise to the bar you set.  Especially is they know what’s involved.  

Here are a few things to consider.  

How Many Times Will Volunteers Serve In A Month? 

This is what I communicate to our volunteers: 

“We’re asking you to commit to serving for two services each month.  It could be a little more or a little less form month to month depending on how the schedule pans out.” 

I believe it’s important to give people a break.  This keeps them enthusiastic to serve when their week arrives.  2 out of 4 Sundays in a month seems to be a good paradigm.  

There are some volunteers who have the time and energy to serve more.  After talking with them I may schedule them for 3 or even 4 services but only with their permission.  

Could A Volunteer Be Called To Substitute?

Just letting people know that there is a chance they’ll get a call on short notice to step in goes a long way.  It helps to be prepared.  

This is what I communicate to our volunteers: 

“Please be available to jump in on short notice for a service you are not schedule for.  Sometimes a scheduled volunteer can’t make it due to an unavoidable conflict.  This doesn’t happen frequently and is not a requirement but you may be asked.”

Does A Volunteer Need To Spend Time On Personal Preparation? 

Do you lead your worship ministry in a way where you send the songs, charts, and music ahead of time and expect people to come to rehearsal prepared? If so you’ll need to communicate that this is another aspect of the time commitment.  

This is what I communicate to our volunteers:

“Print the appropriate charts from Planning Center

Listen to each song, taking notes on parts and dynamics

Spend time working out your specific parts

Organize your charts in a binder

Work towards memorizing your songs

Even for experienced musicians this process can take up to 30 minutes per song so please plan ahead.”

Are Volunteers Required To Attend Rehearsals?

Do you rehearse during the week?  Before Service?  Both?  Do you have extra rehearsals for special events?  All of this should be communicated to your team.   

Include what time they are expected to arrive.  What time rehearsal begins.  And how long rehearsal will last.  

Are Volunteers Required to Participate In Anything Else?

Several times a year our church will host conferences, worship events, and have services for holidays.  I let our team members know they may be asked to serve but it is not required.

Additionally we have a TEAM NIGHT once each quarter.  Participation in these nights is required for all volunteers.  

What Happens If A Volunteer Can’t Commit?

This will happen from time to time.  Someone may think they have to the time serve on your team but reality may say otherwise.  

This is what I communicate with our volunteers: 

“Lack of availability due to holidays, vacation, or health issues is understandable and will be taken into account.  However a pattern on non-participation (including lack of availability and excessive substitutions) will require a reassessment of ministry involvement.”

So where do you go from here? You may be thinking, “wow, I can’t ask all of this form my volunteers!” 

Actively serving the Lord in a sacrificial way is a crucial element to every believers lifestyle. 

People who volunteers on your team aren’t doing it as a favor to you.  This is a part of their gift, their worship to the Lord.

Your job as the leader to clearly and regularly communicate the extent of the commitment.  Their job is to carefully weigh the decision and, if they choose, jump in with both feet.  

Join the conversation and let us know what time commitments you have for your volunteers in the comments below!

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