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Weekend Worship Inspiration

Weekend Worship Inspiration


Right now I’m thinking through the next new song I’ll introduce to my church. Here are three that are at the top of my list.


Discover 7 types of prayer in this new article from my Lead Pastor Nate Holdridge.

“The Weapon Of Prayer”

Another great post from blogger / podcaster / worship pastor David Santistevan. “What The Next Generation Of Worship Leaders Need”

“For those of us who have been leading worship for quite a while, it’s healthy to look back and see what we are leaving in our wake. Because there’s a generation behind us that is observing, learning, and picking up what we’re putting down.”


Right now I’m listening to the audio book of Martin Luther, the latest comprehensive biography by #1 New York bestselling Author Eric Metaxas.

This account it not only a vivid, detailed account of the history of the reformation but a source of inspiration for any church leader.


If you haven’t gotten on board with the Worship Ministry Training podcast, don’t wait any longer! This month’s Podcast from Worship Ministry Training is all about rehearsals.

“All worship leaders have to run rehearsals, but not all worship leaders run rehearsals well. Wasted time, sloppy arrangements, and frustrated band members all stem from a lack of leadership. As worship leaders, we owe it to our teams to make our rehearsal times as fun, efficient and productive as possible.”

How To Run Efficient Worship Rehearsals

What is inspiring you right now?

What are you reading or listening to?

Share in the comments below!

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