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8 Quick Tips To Pull Off Video Announcements In A Service

8 Quick Tips To Pull Off Video Announcements In A Service

A tremendous amount of our news, entertainment, and social interactions come to us through video.  Videos are an amazing way to learn, connect, and get inspired.  

It's no surprise that more and more churches are shifting their communication to a video format.  

We've been producing videos at Calvary Monterey for a few years but last Sunday we made the jump to sharing our in-service announcements on video.

Here are 8 quick tips to help you pull off video announcements in your service.  

1. Choose The Right Presenter

If you're filming a talking head style announcement you'll need someone to do the talking! This can be more challenging than you may expect.  I suggest trying a few different people.

Even people who are comfortable public speakers may awkwardly clam up in front of a camera.  

2. Choose Inspiration Over Information

There's a lot that can be said about crafting the content of your communication.  The best advice I've gotten is this, share inspiration, not just information.

Information like dates and times go in one ear and out the other.  They're better presented in print and other forms.  Instead, share a story.  And always give the why behind the what.

3. Test The Video In The Room

This may seem obvious but play the video in the room, with the system you'll use when it's live.  

There have been plenty of times we've tested videos on laptops or in the editing software only to find out the audio levels are off or the file size overloaded the system when played in the Sanctuary.  

4. Consider The Service Order

You may put the video announcements in the exact same spot as your current live announcements however It's always a good idea to thoughtfully re-consider things you've been doing the same way for a long time.  Introducing video announcements can be a helpful catalyst for thinking afresh about your service order.

We chose to move the "Connect" portion of the service (Meet & Greet, Announcements) to an earlier portion of the service.  

Click Here for a PDF of our service order.  

5. Frame This Portion Of Your Service

Okay, it's time to actually share your video announcements with your church.  How do you frame it?

We try to never say the word "announcements".  It's one of the dullest words in our language!  Here's a sample of what I said moving into the greeting and announcement time.

"We're going to continue to worship the Lord through music in a moment but right now we have the chance to connect with one another and hear about some things happening throughout our church.  Greet someone next to you and say good morning as you take a seat." 

6. Carefully Introduce The Video

With the wrong introduction, you can torpedo your video announcements before they even begin.  After some consideration here's what we landed on. 

"Right now, we'd like to highlight a few of the things happening throughout our church, so please draw your attention to the screen" 

7. Fade The House Lights

Think about any lighting changes you'll want to make as the video begins.  Fading the house and stage lights will help draw even more focus and attention to what is being communicated on the screen.  

8. Finish Strong

Don't undermine the communication accomplished via video by talking about the announcements afterword.  Avoid the temptation to say something like "Yea, so like you saw we've got a baptism coming up..."

Let the video stand on its own two feet.  

To see exactly how all of this played out live at our church on Sunday, watch the video below beginning at the 10 minute mark.  

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