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Sunday Recap: September 16th

Sunday Recap: September 16th


Call Upon The Lord - Elevation Worship

This a great service opener. We have the chance to call out to the Lord and place Him at the center of our time together. I lead this in the key of "A" and sometimes have a female lead the Bridge.

Rejoice - Dustin Kensrue

So this is track sits pretty firmly in the punk sub genre of worship music. But don't let that deter you! It has some of the strongest lyrics out there. And that chorus is so singable.

King Of My Heart - Sarah McMillan

The verse lyrics are rich and descriptive but the chorus in unquestionably simple. 3 words total. Some worship leaders don't like a simple, somewhat repetitive song. Although I agree you can't have a steady diet these kinds of songs there is something special and compelling about simply declaring a statement of truth. In this case "You Are Good"

Living Hope - Phil Wickham

There's a reason this song is showing up everywhere. The strong lyrics, hymn-like familiarity, and beautiful melody combine for an undeniably great song.

Tremble - Mosaic MSC

The vocal range is pretty challenging but I've found the key of D works well for a male vocal. It also puts the verses and lower choruses in a good range for a female. I had a female sing lead on Verse 2 and Chorus 2 this week.

The Electronic Drum patches were pulled from a Native Instruments sample bundle, edited in Logic Pro X, and imported into an SPD-SX.


This Week I shared a very simple call to worship. As we were playing the intro of song 2, Rejoice, I shared Psalm 47:1. It went something like this:

"Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy!"

Let's all clap our hands this morning. Clapping is a way we worship God with a loud song of joy!"


This week our Lead Pastor, Nate Holdridge, continued the "God Hearted" series on the life of David.  We looked at 2 Samuel 18 with a message titled "Inspecting The Death Of A Son-King"

Teaching Notes

Teaching Podcast


We continued with video announcements. This week we incorporated a second presenter and a third party promo video.


Click here for a PDF of our service order

The Healthy Tension Between Music & Lyrics

The Healthy Tension Between Music & Lyrics

Weekend Worship Inspiration

Weekend Worship Inspiration