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1 Thing Successful Leaders Do Differently

1 Thing Successful Leaders Do Differently

If you're a leader in your church, chances are you're working with volunteers.  And volunteers, like all of us, have the potential to get burned out.  To feel defeated, deflated, and unappreciated.   

Many leaders use their volunteers as a means to an end.  Just names on a schedule.  Just bodies filling a position. 

I admit this is easy to do.  I've done it many times.

Strong, successful leaders are different.  One small adjustment may mean the difference between your team falling apart into a pile of apathy and resentment or thriving forward with energy and momentum.  

Simply answer this question:

"How much of my communication is about the church and how much is about life?

Connecting About Church

  • Asking for schedule preferences
  • Sharing the service or event details
  • Sending out the monthly rotation schedule
  • Following up about time changes
  • Asking if they can fill in for someone else
  • Asking if they received your last email update
  • Sharing the vision for the upcoming season

Connecting About Life

  • Asking about school, family, or work
  • Giving encouragement and positive feedback
  • Following up on previous conversations
  • Offering to pray for them
  • Sharing music, books, or ideas not related to the ministry
  • Joking and having fun 
  • Enjoying shared interests like a sports team or tv show 
  • Discovering what they are excited about right now
  • Inquiring about what God is showing them right now

Communicating about the ins and outs of your ministry team is essential.  But let me give you a personal challenge.  

Work towards 50 / 50 Communication

50% of your interactions with a volunteer are about church.

50% is about life.  

You won't get there all at once but start today.  Choose one volunteer and reach out right now!

5 Quick Ideas

  1. Text a volunteer a specific thing you appreciate about them.
  2. Invite a volunteer to coffee.
  3. Is there a volunteer dealing with a challenge?  Send an encouraging message.
  4. Choose a volunteer and pass along a book you think they'd enjoy.
  5. Spontaneously reach out to a volunteer to ask how you can be praying for them.
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