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6 Ways Spotify Can Help Your Worship Ministry

6 Ways Spotify Can Help Your Worship Ministry

I remember when Spotify first came out.  I’m not normally compelled to be an early adopter of new technology but I was all over this.  Making me the first person I knew with an account.  

Even if you have a Spotify account you may not me maximizing it’s potential to serve your worship ministry.  

Here are 6 ways Spotify can help your worship ministry.  

1. Stay On Top Of New Music

Since most indie and major worship artists are on Spotify it’s easier than ever to listen to new releases.  When I hear that an artist I like released a new album I’ll find it on Spotify and listen through on my commute or around the house.  

Even if it’s not my preferred style I love to stay in touch with what artists are doing and where music is going.  

I remember a time when I was submitting requests to purchase CDs of new worship releases.  I’m glad those days are over. 

2. Find New Arrangements

Sometimes I’ll want to lead an older song.  A hymn.  A Christmas song.  Something that’s been covered dozens of times.  

I recently searched for “Be Thou My Vision” on Spotify.  There were versions from Citizens & Saints to Selah.  Plenty of options to find something to fit the service I was planning. 

3. Discover New Artists

There are all kinds of ways to discover new music on Spotify. Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a playlist of some of your favorite songs.  Spotify will automatically create a list of suggested, related songs below your playlist.  Chances are you’ll like them too!
  • Find the page for one of your favorite artists.  Click the “Related Artist” tab at the top and start listening.  
  • Listen to playlists in the worship or christian genre created by other Spotify users or Spotify themselves.

4. Create A Playlist For Your Sanctuary

What kind of music would you like playing before and after service?  What gives people the feel of your church and also creates a welcoming atmosphere?  Once you decide, you can make a great playlist to fit your needs.  Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a playlist of personally selected songs.  
  • Download the playlist to your device for offline playback.  This ensures no drops due to poor internet.
  • Set the playlist on shuffle and loop keeping the music fresh and flowing.  

5. Collaborate On New Songs

You can also use a playlist to collaborate with your Pastor or other worship leaders.  Simply create a playlist and mark it as “Collaborative”.  Tell your friends and they can add to it with song suggestions.  

6. Create A Playlist For Each Sunday

This suggestion came from a worship leader friend of mine.  

  • Once the songs are chosen for Sunday put those songs on a playlist.  
  • Download them to your phone for offline streaming.  
  • Listen all throughout the week to get deeply familiar with the songs and flow.  

If you don’t have a Spotify account you can get started here. 

What are some other ways you use Spotify?

We’d love to hear.  Share in the comments below!  

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