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Highlights: Calvary Chapel Pastor's Conference 2017

Highlights: Calvary Chapel Pastor's Conference 2017

6 hours in a car with 6 Pastors is a unique experience.  Last week I had the chance to drive South with 5 other Pastors from Calvary Monterey and attend the Calvary Chapel Pastor’s Conference in Costa Mesa California.  

Although I've attended many Calvary Chapel conferences this was only my second time in 4 years at the Pastor’s Conference.  I was blown away by the community we experienced, the diversity represented, and the passion displayed.  



I’ve know Scott Cunningham, the Worship Pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa for about 5 years.  He’s an inspiring man and wonderful worship leader.  He and his team lead for a number of the session and I noticed two songs I didn’t recognize but really liked.  He told me later these were songs he’d written and was recording for an upcoming album he’s releasing this Fall.  

He let me listen to a few of the rough mixes and they already sound amazing.  Definitely be on the look out for his next release.  Especially the song “Steadfast Love”. 

I hadn’t heard of Calvary Worship Center or their band but I’m so glad they came out.  This Gospel fuzed group from Colorado Springs brought so much energy!  I loved how they lead modern worship songs from bands like Elevation, Hillsong, and Christ Tomlin with in a Gospel style.  You can get a feel for their music here.  

Wildwood Music is the worship ministry of Wildwood Calvary Chapel in Yucaipa California.  Last year they released their first album.  It was produced by Brian Eichelberger (Citizens & Saints) and recorded at Calvary Creative Studios.  It has a number of great tracks but one of my favorites is “Your Presence”.  

It’s awesome so see a fresh wave of original songs and bands from the Calvary family.  


Brian Broderson

In the opening session Pastor Brian shared six ways we can be salt and light in this world from Acts 19. 

“This is the time for the Church to really shine.  An alternative to the madness all around us.”

“Every church should be a place to know AND experience God.  Knowledge should produce experience.” 

“Today’s idols may not be graven images but ideas.” 

“Make Christ so glorious He cannot be resisted.” 

Find his full teaching here

Efrem Buckle

Efrem pastors in South London where he was raised.  In light of all the tragedy and terrorist attacks in his home town he shared a powerful message about God’s grace towards foreigners by giving an overview of the book of Ruth.  

“Our SALTY and ILLUMINATIVE INTEGRITY is directly related to how we treat and care for the outcasts of our communities.” 

Find his full teaching here

Paul Tripp

Paul is a Pastor, Author and Conference Speaker from outside of the Calvary community.  He is a valuable voice and I’m really glad he was invited.  He taught a great session but I especially enjoyed his workshop.  “The Danger of Familiarity”.  

“Somehow in the process of constant contact you can louse the awe of God’s grace.” 

“Human beings are hardwired towards awe.  It’s designed to draw us to God’s glory.” 

“Our Life if a war of awe.  We’re controlled by what we’re in awe of.” 

“My job is to present such a glorious God to people that hey HAVE to receive Him.” 

“A ministry life of mediocrity is a symptom of a lack of awe.  It’s awe of God that produces excellence in ministry.” 

Find his whole teaching here

Christopher Yuan

Christopher teaches Bible at Moody Bible institute and has a speaking ministry on faith and sexuality.  He is another man who is not a Calvary Chapel pastor but was welcomed to this conference.  

His presentation of leaving a homosexual lifestyle, given along side his parents, was the most powerful thing I’ve heard in quite a while.  

There was far too much to recap here but take a few minutes to watch it yourself.  

You can find a video archive of all of the sessions here.


I had the chance to meet a few people who knew me only from my writing.  What a privilege to meet them in person.

I caught up with Joel who is serving Stockholm Sweden.  We met at the Calvary Chapel Scandinavian conference 4 years ago and hadn’t seen each other since.

I enjoyed breakfast with Alex Enfiedjian, the creator of worship leader training and host of the worship leader training podcast.  He’s been a good friend since I moved to California and pumped he’s now the worship leader for Calvary Chapel South Bay.  

My friend Gerry Carrillo, a missionary in Costa Rica filled me in on what God is doing in that country.  After serving with one another in youth ministry we haven't seen one another in 7 years.

 If there was one major theme I’m still thinking about from the Conference it’s Diversity.  I saw people from so many countries and cultures. I heard speakers from different traditions.  I spoke with people with totally different passions from mine.  All of this helped me see afresh just how big God is.  It helped me appreciate the huge work He is doing throughout the world.  

God is on the move, in the Calvary Chapel family and beyond.  Don’t miss your chance join in!

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