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New Songs For 2016 (So Far)

New Songs For 2016 (So Far)

Sharing new songs with your church is always a bit of a gamble.  You search for new songs.  You find one you like.  You listen over and over trying to image your team playing it and your church singing it.  It’s tricky.  Here are the new songs I’ve introduced at our church so far in 2016.  

Be Enthroned by Bethel Music // August 7th

I really love the chorus of this song.  It’s great to honor God in such a vertical way.  We replaced the Intro from the recording in favor of playing the first two lines of the Verse which is better for our setting.  The vocal range is crazy.  I lead it in the key of B, 1 full step lower than the recording.  I avoid the octave jump in Verse 3 because it’s just to high.  


The Lights by The Royal Royal // July 17th

This song it a ton of fun.  It has great energy and great lyrics.  The lead line in the Intro works equally well played on a synth or electric guitar.  Since the timing of the chord changes is a little tricky and the overall feel is different from any other song we lead it took a bit of practice.  


Great Is Our God by Young Oceans // June 19th

One of our Worship Leaders asked me to check this one out and I’m glad he did.  This song has a unique style and feel but with a very singable melody.  We lead the version from the Voices, Vol. 1 album feat. All Sons & Daughters.  


The Crimson Flow by Calvary Monterey Music // May 1st

This song was written by one of our worship leaders and arranged with our team.  He had been working on it for a while and we decided to lead it for communion on May 1st.  A deadline is great inspiration to finish a song and it turned out great.  


God With Us by All Sons & Daughters // April 17th

I love how this song describes why Jesus came and calls Him “Emmanuel, God With Us”. And it’s not even Christmas!  After singing the truth that God is with us.  That He is our Hope and the bearer of our shame.  Our natural response is worship.  


Never Fail by Anthony Evans // March 27th

We opened our Easter service with this great song of celebration.  Since the range is so wide we changed the key and split the Verses and Choruses between male and female singers.  


Jesus Is Alive by Fellowship Creative // March 27th

We introduced this song during baptisms on Easter Sunday.  It describes Jesus’ death but celebrates by singing “Died upon the cross / rose up from the grave / seated in the heavens / King of all You reign...oh I stand amazed that Jesus is Alive!” It was so fun singing these lyrics as people came up from the water. I’m partial to the Alive In Us - EP album version.  


Though You Were Rich by Matt Gilman // March 25th

My Pastor shared this song with me.  It was perfect for Good Friday.  The sparse arrangement works great for smaller teams.  

What songs have you introduced at your church this year?  Share in the comments below! 

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