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It's Okay To Get A Little Ambitious

It's Okay To Get A Little Ambitious

I remember distinctly a meeting I had with my Senior Pastor several years ago. I’ve been in hundreds of meetings but in this specific meeting he said something that has stayed with me.  

It was pretty simple really.  We were discussing the Sunday services.  The various elements.  Upcoming series.  We got to talking about the songs I was leading and I said something like “Introducing a new song is a lot of work. Teaching it to the team.  Getting the congregation on board.  Working out the arrangement.  I realize I haven’t been very good about regularly introducing new songs.”  

In a really encouraging way my Pastor responded, “just do it.  Just go for it.” 

That was it.  And I still remember it.  He was right.  Sometimes I need to just go for it.  I tend to be the kind of person who likes to plan.  Likes to prepare.  I like to think things through.  Each Sunday gathering is so precious to me.  I want so badly to honor God and lead His people well.  And sometimes that means playing it too safe.   

In our recent study through Romans at Calvary Monterey this passage stood out to me in a new way. Paul is describing his calling to reach the Gentiles.  

“And thus I make it my AMBITION to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I build on someone els’s foundation” - Romans 15:20

Paul was absolutely getting after it.  

Sometimes we need to get ambitious.  We need to push ourselves.  We need to push our team. We need to whole-heartedly rely on the Lord.  Not foolishly, but in FAITH. 

Last Sunday I took a little step of faith.  I scheduled four singers (instead of two or three), two electric players (instead of one) and three Christmas songs (arrangements we’d done but not since last year).  We had an hour and half on Sunday morning to sound check and rehearse. 

It was ambitious.  It was awesome. 

 I feel the Lord honored this little bit of faith and provided for us.  It was a great service.  

Sunday Recap: Order of Service // December 18th 2016

Open Up The Heavens (Vertical Church Band) 

The First Noel (Phil Wickham) 

What Child Is This (Calvary Monterey Music)

Offering Introduction - Worship Pastor

O Holy Night (Danya Collyer) 

Prayer - Lead Pastor

Responsive Singing - O Come All Ye Faithful (Chorus)

Meet & Greet

Announcements - Campus Host

Welcome to Guests | Christmas Weekend | Ways to invite others | Life Church Description | Life Church Vision (Lead Pastor)

Teaching: Christmas Blessing // Luke 1:26-56

The First Noel (Phil Wickham)

Closing / Dismissal - Worship Leader

In what ways have you taken steps of faith this year?  

How have you been pushing yourself and your team?  

Share in the comments below!

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