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How A Worship Service Is Like A Meal

How A Worship Service Is Like A Meal

I don’t watch a lot of television but I can always make time for the Netflix docu-series “Chef’s Table”.  I’m not much of a cook myself but I’m fascinated by how these creative minds explore such rich and incredible combinations of flavors.  

The Worship Service As A Meal

In his book Discover The Mystery of Faith Author, Pastor and former worship leader with Desperation Band Glenn Packiam describes the potential for our worship gatherings this way.

“Good, rich, Christ-centered worship is a feast. This kind of worship is a bounty of beauty and truth, with layers of flavor, textures of taste”

This metaphor, a worship service as a well balanced meal, has been very helpful to me.  Think of it specifically in connection to your song selection.  The Theme and lyrics of each song you’re leading. 

You can fill up on appetizers but then you’re missing out on the main course. 

Likewise, songs intended to gather and begin looking to the Lord can’t sustain a whole service.  

If you only eat meat and potatoes you’ll get bogged down.

Heavy, theologically dense songs are crucial.  However if we lead only these songs we’ll miss out on simple declaration and humble adoration. 

Dessert is most satisfying at the end of the meal.  

After you’ve gathered together and declared truth it’s time to pour out our worship directly to our King.  These simple songs carry much more weight when prefaced by the songs and attitudes before.  

One of the ways we care for the sheep we’ve been entrusted is feeding them well.  

The Worship Service and Christmas Songs

This principle has changed the way I’ve planned our worship services in the weeks leading up to Christmas this year.  In years past I’ve kicked off the season with 2 Christmas songs for the first service in December. Each week I’ll add a song until the I’m leading 4-5 Christmas songs the Sunday before Christmas Eve.  

I’ve found however that this simply isn’t a healthy diet.  Although there are exceptions, Christmas songs as a whole have one theme.  Christ’s birth.  Most lack any mention of the Cross of Christ, declarations of our faith, personal surrender or confession.  

This year I’ve chosen to include a max of 3 Christmas songs for a Sunday service.  I hope this will serve and feed our Church family in a healthy way.  

Sunday Recap: Order of Service // December 4th 2016

Let Every Heart (Brian & Katie Torwalt) 

A great service opener.  A simple declaration that because of Christ’s work, we will praise His Name.  

Call To Worship: Scripture Reading by Lead Pastor - Micah 5:2-4

This powerful passage is the full prophecy referenced in Mathew when the wise men where asked where the Christ was to be born.  

O Holy Night (Shane & Shane)

One of my favorite renditions.  You can find my vocal / acoustic version here. 

Revelation Song (North Point Live)

At this point in the service I wanted a familiar song that looked to worship God.  

O Come All Ye Faithful

I like to lead the 3 choruses of this song without the verses.  “O come let us adore Him”, “For He alone is worthy”, “We’ll give You all the glory”.  These chores stand on their own apart from Christmas time as simple vertical worship.  

Offering Introduction - Campus Host

God With Us - All Sons & Daughters

One of my favorite songs we’ve introduced this year.  Although it’s not a Christmas song it’s theme is Emmanuel.  God with us.  

Prayer - Worship Leader

Meet & Greet

Announcements - Campus Host 

Welcome to Guests | Christmas Weekend | Celebrate gifts given to foster children through our church | Subscribe to the Calvary Connection (e-bulletin) | Offer Bibles

Sermon Intro Video

This video was produced by our creative team.  It’s used to set up the major theme of the teaching series.  

Teaching: Romans 16 | Gospel Applications: A Beautiful Church

O Holy Night (Shane & Shane)

Closing / Dismissal - Worship Leader

What did you lead on Sunday?  How do you try to prepare a “balanced meal” in your worship service?  Share in the comments below! 

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