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How To Host A Guest Worship Leader

How To Host A Guest Worship Leader

How To Host A Guest Worship Leader 

This past Sunday our church had the joy of hosting the Chapel Band from the Calvary Chapel Bible College.  It was so much fun!  The group of students along with their director brought such passion and energy to our church.  

The churches where I've worked have hosted many guest worship leaders, artists, and bands.  From the biggest names in Christian music to a friend from the church down the road.  

I've also lead worship as a guest for many churches, conferences, and events.  Sometimes all goes well, sometimes it's a disaster.  

Here are some best practices for the hosting a guest worship leader at your church.  

Be Generous

Hosting a guest starts with being generous and hospitable.  Find ways to make this time a blessing for them just as you would for a guest coming to your home.  Provide meals.  Provide the needed equipment.  Provide competent sound and lyric volunteers.  

Some guest worship leaders or bands have a set amount they ask for when leading for a church.  Others leave it up to the host church to decide.  Either way, be generous.  Always give what you have committed to giving.  

Another way to be generous is with your space.  Allow the guests to have a table in the lobby to sell CDs and Merchandise.  Promote their table from the platform.  For many, this is a major and critical part of their income.  

Clearly Communicate The Service Flow

Leading worship in a new environment can be nerve-racking for a worship leader.   There are a lot of things to think about and consider.  Don't let the service flow be a source of stress. 

Let them know ahead of time how long the music time should last.  Let them know when someone else is coming to the stage for offering or announcements.  Let them know if they need to speak or pray or give instructions. 

Walk through these details again before the service begins.  

Lend Your Authority

In most cases, your church family will not know a guest worship leader.  At least not personally.  The worship leader or lead pastor can lend their support and authority to the guest by introducing them at the beginning of the service.  Some worship leaders even co-lead along with the guest.  

This goes a long way in helping your congregation trust and follow a guest worship leader.  

Let Them Be Them

Finally, if you invite a guest to lead worship at your church you need to let them be themselves. Sure, they need to consider your church environment, the songs your church knows, the time constraints on your service.  But beyond that let them lead!

I've witnessed many occasions where church leaders try to force guests into the exact mold of their regular worship leaders.  This doesn't work.  If you've trusted them enough to invite them you need to trust them to lead how they lead.  To pray how they pray.  To sing how they sing.  

Inviting a guest worship leader or band can be a great way to partner with another ministry, breathe fresh life into a worship service or give your regular worship leader a break.  Use these four practices to make the most of the next time you host a guest worship leader.  

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