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Are Your Worship Ministry Goals Destined To Fail?

Are Your Worship Ministry Goals Destined To Fail?

The band is dialed in, you've memorized all the chords and everyone is ready.  This is going to sound great.  The song starts and everyone hits the opening note in perfect time.  Oh no! Something's gone horribly wrong.  What was that terrible sound?  It's you.  Your capo is on the wrong fret. 

If you're a guitar-playing worship leader you've been there.  You may have the best intentions but a flaw like that destines the song for failure.

Our goals can be the same way.  Have you thought and prayed through some new goals for this year?  Unfortunately, your goals may be destined to fail and you don't even know it.

Do Your Goals Sound Something Like This? 

  • Write a worship song

  • Train a volunteer worship leader

  • Listen to more music

  • Read the Bible

  • Recruit more volunteers onto the team 

  • Introduce more songs to my church 

  • Have more compassion for my church family

  • Be more connected with my volunteer team

  • Record a worship album 

At first glance, these seem like great goals.  A closer look reveals the inevitable - these goals are destined to fail.  

Successful Goals Are Specific 

If you're going to hit your target you have to know what you're aiming for.  Ambiguous goals get you nowhere.  Specific goals have a good chance for success.  Compare these ambiguous goals vs. specific goals.  

  • Start writing songs vs. Write three congregational worship songs

  • Train a volunteer worship leader vs. Train Kylee to lead worship for a Sunday night service 

  • Listen to more music vs. Listen to 1 new worship album each month 

Successful Goals Are Measurable

Part of the fun of reaching a goal is seeing your progress along the way.  A goal that can't be measured is destined to fail.  

  • Recruit more volunteers vs. Recruit three new volunteers 

  • Introduce more worship songs vs. Introduce 6 new worship songs

  • Become a better guitar player vs. Improvise confidently in the keys of G, D, and E 

Successful Goals Are Actionable 

This simple change may be the difference between life or death for your goal.  Begin each goal with a strong verb. 

  • Have more compassion for my church family vs. Speak with two church members after every service

  • Be more connected with my volunteer team vs. Call each volunteer once a month 

To "have" more compassion or "be" more connected is a state of being - not an action.  

Successful Goals Are Risky 

When there's a challenge we rise to it.  Without a challenge, we coast.

Goal setting guru Michael Hyatt describes goals as either in our comfort zone, discomfort zone or the delusion zone.  I like that.  Goals that or comfortable give us no motivation to accomplish them.  Goals that are delusional leave us discouraged or burned out.  Either way, they're destined to fail.  

  • Recruit 1 new volunteer vs. Recruit 4 new volunteers this year (comfort to discomfort)

  • Host one worship team gathering vs. Host a team gathering each quarter (comfort to discomfort)

  • Record a full-length studio album vs. Record a 4 song live album (delusion to discomfort) 

  • Start a School of Worship vs. Train up 3 worship leader (delusion to discomfort) 

The discomfort zone is your sweet spot. We're all at different places in our personal development and ministry experience so only you know if you should bump it up from your comfort zone or reign it in from the delusion zone. 

Successful Goals Are Time-Keyed 

A time-key can be a deadline, the frequency you repeat something or a time trigger for when to begin. 

  • Introduce 3 new songs vs. Introduce 3 new songs by the end of June. (deadline) 

  • Train a new worship Leader vs. Train Caleb to lead worship for Sunday, September 15th. (deadline)

  • Read more books vs. Read one book a month (frequency) 

  • Introduce more songs vs. Introduce one new song every six weeks (frequency) 

  • Pray more with my team vs. Pray for 10 minutes before each service (time trigger) 

  • Communicate with my team more vs. Email my team every Monday morning (time trigger) 

Put It All Together

"Get better about reading the Bible".  This goal is destined to fail.  Let's set it up for success.  

Read the Bible - Action

Read through the whole New Testament - Specific

Read two chapters of the New Testament in each sitting - Measurable

Read Two Chapters of the New Testament 5 Days a week - Time Keyed

Read Two Chapters of the New Testament at 6:00am 5 Days a week - Risky

Read the first version of our goal.  Now read the final version.  While one is destined to fail, the other could make a major difference in your life this year.

Successful Goals are:






Successful Goals are SMART.  Put this time tested acronym to work for you.  

Get Started

If you're not sure where to start, don't worry.  Let's keep it simple.  Start with just three goals.  

1 for your worship ministry

1 for your personal / spiritual development

1 for your home / family 

Download my custom Successful Goals Worksheet to get started.

Don't handicap your worship ministry with weak goals.  Progress and momentum are closer than you think.  

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