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Does Your Worship Team Make The Most Of Sunday Morning?

Does Your Worship Team Make The Most Of Sunday Morning?

What is Sunday morning?  Is it the time you and your team lead songs for your church?  Yes.  But it can and should be so much more. 

This is the time your team is gathered together.  This is the time you’re connected with the rest of your church body.  This is the time God’s Word is taught by your Pastor.  Are you making the most of this time?

Here are some ideas on how to make the most of Sunday morning with your Worship Team. 

Set The Stage

I like to arrive well before the rest of my team.  We begin rehearsal at 6:45am.  It’s early.  It’s often dark.  It’s usually cold.  I make sure the lights are on, the doors are open, and get music playing.  

We all want a warm inviting environment for our church attenders but what about those who arrive first?  Our volunteers? 

I make sure the stage is set (literally) and we’re ready for a great rehearsal. 

Maximize Rehearsal Time

The quality of your rehearsal sets the tone for the rest of the day.  If it’s tense, rushed, or aimless those feeling will translate to the worship service.  

There’s a lot I could say about making sure you have a great rehearsal.  If you're interested take a minute to read my post “How To Have An Amazing Worship Rehearsal”

Share Vision

Your team has gathered.  You have everyone's attention.  It's a great time to cast vision.  This can be done before you begin rehearsal.  Before the service begins.  Even after the services.  

Share why we sing.  Our purpose as a worship team.  The importance of the musicians role.  Share what is happening in people's hearts and minds when we sing.  Speak about the work God wants to accomplish. 

Share your heart for the future of the church.  Your goals for the team.  Your dreams for what you desire to see God do.  

Vision should be clarified in your mind as the leader and shared often.  Sunday morning is a great opportunity for this kind of communication.   

If you’d like somewhere to start take a look at my post on “The Mission Of A Worship Ministry”  

Pray Together

Prayer has tremendous power.  Don’t let a Sunday morning pass by without taking advantage of this God given gift. 

Our team gathers ten minutes before each service to pray together.  We have a few minutes, un-rushed, to approach our King.  

I’ll often ask someone else to lead us in prayer.  I’ll also open it up to everyone to pray however the Lord leads. 

Sometimes I’ll take a moment to share vision and then pray for God’s power in accomplishing that vision.  

Connect Personally

Sunday is a great time to personally connect with your volunteers and for them to connect with one another.

You’ll have to decide the best time for this to happen depending on the flow of your morning.  Maybe before service begins?  In the down time between services? Durning a service?

We have two services on Sunday morning.  Normally durning the teaching portion of one of the services our team will grab an on-site breakfast together for 20-30 minutes.  

I’ve found this time is best left unstructured.  Just create the time and let people connect.  Ask about what’s going with one another’s families, school, work.  A team that is connected relationally is much more considerate, hospitable, and honest with each other making a much stronger team.   

Participate With The Church

It would be a terrible loss if a Sunday morning went by without actually participating in church!  Sitting in the seats alongside the church.  Learning from scripture with the church.  Praying with the church.  

I make it very clear for every volunteer.  You are required to “sit in on and participate in at least one service on Sunday”.

As a leader you cannot allow any other agenda or practice to interfere with your participation with a full church service.  

How about you?  What do you do to make the most of Sunday morning?

Share in the comments below!

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