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Calendar Conscious - The Setlist Checklist Series

Calendar Conscious - The Setlist Checklist Series

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've done it more than once.  

I've meticulously crafted a set list. I'm about to send it to the team. And then I put my face in my palm. Oh yea...its Communion Sunday. The service flow is different. Time to start over.  

Some of you are great at keeping an eye on the calendar. Especially if you follow a more structured, liturgical year.  

The rest of us need a reminder. And that's why "Calendar Conscience" made it on to the setlist checklist at #8. 

Check your calendar for these four things. 

Special Elements

Are there any special elements this Sunday? Communion? Baptisms? A missionary update? A vision announcement? Will something require extra time? Will the time of singing need to be shortened? 

Teaching Pastor

Is someone other than your Lead Pastor teaching? If it's a guest, will you need to restructure something to accommodate them?

Teaching Theme

What Scripture is being taught? Is there a way to reinforce that theme with a song? Are we starting a new series? Are we stepping out of our regular series for a special teaching?  

Holiday Weekends

Are we saying or doing something for Memorial Day? Veteran's Day? Thanksgiving?

What else does your church do from time to time? If it's out of the regular routine there's a good chance you'll forget until it's too late.  

Avoid your own facepalm moment. Check your calendar, then check #8 off your list.  

Looking for more? Download the full checklist and find articles on each item.

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