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6 Ways To Find New Worship Volunteers

6 Ways To Find New Worship Volunteers

I was 21 years old. Circling the parking lot around my church I called every drummer I knew, frantically trying to find someone to play on Sunday.  

Our Worship Pastor had abruptly left and half our team went with him.  I was left trying to pick up the pieces and maintain a strong worship ministry with a skeleton crew.  

It’s a terrible feeling.  Maybe you know it.  Maybe you’re living it right now.  I promised myself then that I would do everything I could to build a strong, full volunteer team to faithfully serve our church.  

Many people seem to think the best way to find new volunteers is through a verbal, in service announcement.  It’s the golden ticket to open the floodgates of talented musicians.  In my experience that’s just not true.  Strong volunteer teams are built through much more effort than one announcement on a Sunday.  Here are 6 ideas to help you find new volunteers.  


You have to start heart.  Earnestly seek the Lord.  Ask for specific needs.  Pray with other people on your team.  Pray before rehearsals.  Pray with your Pastor.  Pray week after week.  Pray for wisdom and discernment from the Holy Spirit in building your team. 


This may be the single most effective tool I’ve found.  Make yourself available.  Talk to people in your church.  Hang around after service.  Welcome newcomers.  Don’t have conversations with the agenda of finding out if people are musicians but you’d be supervised how many people approach you about serving after you’ve built a relationship.  


Do you know a singer or musician in your church who isn’t serving?  Maybe they don’t know there’s a need.  Maybe they lack confidence.  Maybe they need a little training.  Maybe they think they’re too busy.  Simply ask them to volunteer.  Clearly communicate the need, the commitment and the skill needed.  See what happens. 

A few years ago we had a young man who was serving as a worship leader for our middle school students.  I knew he had played heavy metal guitar in his teen years so I was a little hesitant but eventually asked him to serve on our sanctuary team as an electric guitar player.  He became one of the most skilled and faithful musicians I’ve ever had on a team and now he’s the worship leader for one of our church plants! 


Be sure that there is a clear place online for people to find out about your worship ministry.  Include a link for them to reach out to you.  It’s always a pleasant surprise to find an email from someone you don't even know who wants to serve.  


Most churches have social media accounts.  Pull together a few posts about worship volunteer opportunities.  


Set an audition date.  Communicate the opportunity through your website, social media, service announcements, and a table in the lobby.  As many points of entry as possible.  See who comes.  

Of course finding potential volunteers is just the first step.  Next you begin the process of getting to know them, auditioning them, saying yes, saying no, and implementing new members.  The point is to always been in recruitment mode.  Every week be on the lookout for how to meet, encourage, and equip potential volunteers.  

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