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6 Unplugged Worship Albums Worth Checking Out

6 Unplugged Worship Albums Worth Checking Out

Finding creative ways to pull off your favorite worship song live without the fifteen member band has been a challenge for worship leaders for years.  Fortunately there is plenty of inspiration out there to contextualize great songs for a smaller band. 

With the release of Jesus Culture’s Let It Echo Unplugged this week I thought I’d share some of my favorite stripped down worship albums.  

Jesus Culture - Let It Echo Unplugged (Live)

Jesus Culture’s latest released yielded more upbeat, celebratory tracks than their previous albums which I really enjoyed.  Many of these songs sound great in this acoustic guitar / piano driven context.  

Stand out track: In The River

Hillsong United - Zion Acoustic Sessions (Live) 

With a track for track reinterpretation of their popular Zion album United shows their versatility.  This album has an especially un-produced, raw, live feel.  As a bonus they released videos of all these tracks so you can find out just what tambourine that is.

Stand out track: Stay And Wait

Phil Wickham - Singalong 2

Phil’s last four releases have all relied on heavy production with synth on synth on synth but he’s still the master of the solo acoustic dynamic.  I may be partial because I was there for this live recording in Costa Mesa CA but I think this is some of his best stuff. 

Stand out track: Spirit Of The Living God 

Bethel Music - The Loft Sessions

Know for their dramatic arena anthems this departure is really refreshing.  If you’re a fan of Bethel's music I’m sure you’ll love leading some of these arrangements.

Stand Out Track: One Thing Remains

Hillsong Chapel - Yahweh (Live)

Before Hillsong became Hillsong Live which became Hillsong Worship.  Before Hillsong Young & Free or Hillsong Kids there was Hillsong Chapel.  However short-lived and transitionary they were they put out some great stuff.  Fully realized, small scale arrangements of Hillsong favorites.  

Stand Out Track: This Is Our God

Jadon Lavik - Roots Run Deep

Okay so this isn't technically an unplugged album but it's one of my all time favorite worship albums so I had to add it.  If you've got an acoustic guitar, a piano and a shaker these songs are for you.  Classic hymns at their best.

Stand out track: I Surrender All 

What are some unplugged albums you've enjoyed? 

Share in the comments below!

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