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Sunday Recap January 10th

This Sunday was an extremely exciting one.  We launched our new series “The Gospel of Grace”, a study through the book of Romans and everything that come along with that.  New stage design, new graphics, new lighting and a new sermon intro video (more on that to come).  Here are the songs we lead.

Open Up The Heavens - Vertical Church Band

Vertical Church Band is putting out some of the most theologically strong worship music I’m hearing right now and “Open Up The Heaven’s” is one of my favorites.  This is a great service opener and you can use Moses’ plea to God “show me Your glory” (Exodus 33:18) as an introduction.  We do a version somewhere between the Meredith Andrews and Vertical Church Band versions with a modified track from 

Rising Sun - All Sons & Daughters

From the Nashville inspired electric lead to the tight harmonies to the though provoking lyrics this song has it all.  I never get tired of leading it.  We do this one a full step lower than the recording in the key of D. Works great for a female lead.  

Good Good Father - Chris Tomlin

This song has been around for a while starting with Housefires but has definitely blow up since Chris Tomlin’s cover.  It has an almost late 90s / early 2000 style which is kind of refreshing in a strange way and as a bonus the Chris Tomlin original key of “A” feels good!  The dynamics and map all feel great live.  No need to modify.

All Creatures Of Our God and King - David Crowder Band

This an oldie (1200’s old technically) and I absolutely love the pure worship it gives.  “O Praise Him, O Praise Him, Hallelujah!”  The intro riff is best played in G chord shapes with the capo on the 7th fret.  This Sunday we had a violinist which took this song to another level.  

Great I Am - New Life Worship

I’ve been leading this song for years and years and it is so powerful every time.  The lyrics are a little more provocative than most but in a great, really searching way.  How many songs do you sing that talk about God’s power over demons? I don’t do many hard stops but after building the bridge for about a minute that stop before the big chorus sounds so good.  

What songs did you lead this week?  Have you had any success or failures leading any of these?  Let us know!  

If you'd like to watch and listen to the worship from this service click here. 

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