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Why Review Your Set Each Week?

Taking some time to think through and review your set list after a weekend service is invaluable to building better sets in the future and not making the same mistakes twice.  Here are a few questions to ask to get you started. 

Consider Each Song Individually

How did the congregation seem to respond?  Was the instrumental too long?  Was the key too high? Was there a particular portion of the song your team struggled through?  Make a note and spend some extra time on it during rehearsal next time.  Try deciding if the song is one you want in the regular rotation or placed on the back shelf.  After some thought you may even decide it’s a song you won’t be leading again!


How did the songs flow into one another?  Were there any two songs that worked especially well back to back?  Make a note and keep it in mind down the road. 


Was there a combination of musicians that really clicked?  Was there a team member that may need some extra attention in developing their skill?  Was there a volunteer that really shined and should be in the rotation more often?  Spending time thinking about your volunteers is always important but in the context of a specific set list it’s much more easy to find some next steps. 

The Set As A Whole

Now consider the whole set.  Are there any big picture needs or strengths that stand out?  How is the strength of your volunteer team?  Is your Church growing in their passion and understanding of worship?  Is there a particular theme or style of song you need to incorporate more frequently? 

This process could take 10 minutes or an hour.  Either way the important thing is that you give it some thought. 

Let us know what you think!

What questions are you asking?

What discoveries have you made? 

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