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How To Make The Most Of Easter Weekend

How To Make The Most Of Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend.  It’s the big one.  It may be the only week all of your regular attenders come at once.  It may be the only week some people in your community come at all.  Every church does something a little different for Easter but one sentiment seems constant;  “Let’s make it special”. 

For the Worship Leader, Pastor and Creative Team it’s hard to know what direction to go with this. There are so many options.

     - Guest Bands?

     - Community Events?

     - Easter Egg Hunts?

     - Off Site Venues?

     - Prizes and Giveaways? 

For us at Calvary Monterey the goal is simple.  Jesus Famous.  I lead our staff in prepping for this weekend and I try to my best to keep three things front and center.

Be Yourself

If there really are people coming to our church for the first time I want them to experience what our church is all about.  This means our worship band leads.  We have service in our sanctuary. The kids enjoy our children's program.  I’d rather not hype people’s expectations with an extravagant event just for them to be disappointed when they come back the next week to find everything they enjoyed is missing.  

I have nothing against going all out.  Make this day as special, exciting and engaging as possible.  You’ll feel it when you begin to be something you’re not.  Just do your thing and do it well!  

The Deadline

Using Easter Weekend as a kind of deadline can be really helpful.  What special project are you trying to complete?  Get it done by Easter!  

     - Leading with a full worship band

     - Updated sound, lighting or video equipment

     - Shooting a video testimony 

     - Pulling together a volunteer photography team 

     - Outfitting an alternative viewing area or family room 

     - Facility updates like new paint or furniture

     - New signage 

     - A website revamp

     - An updated bulletin design 

     - Implement a new kids check-in system

Don’t try to do it all but try to complete a few things.  Having services every week can sometimes make it feel like we’ve got an eternal string of chances to get things right.  Easter is as good a week as any to get it right.  

For more photos from Easter 2015 at Calvary Monterey click here

For more photos from Easter 2015 at Calvary Monterey click here

Growth You Can Sustain

What is the difference between:

     - Training a new drummer vs. negotiating a contract with a recording artist?

     - Working on your lighting rig vs. renting one?

     - Purchasing new sound equipment vs. paying for an alternate venue? 

     - Shooting a video testimony vs. inviting a guest speaker? 

One promotes growth you can sustain, the other does not.  I want Easter Sunday to be the very best version of our church possible.  The strongest worship team, the most creative media elements, the most friendly hospitality team.  And then what?  This becomes our new normal.  Everything we did on Easter we make a regular part of our services from here on out.  

What do you think about an event vs. church service structure?

What does your Church do for Easter?  

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